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Top 5 Yielding Houses

We don't pump up income return on our properties by not deducting costs. We show yield after ALL expenses, such as rental management fee and even house insurance. This gives a real indication
of what you will earn.

1. Property for sale in USA
Ref:US888 $84,950 59.41%

2. Property for sale in USA
Ref:US772 $15,000 27%

3. Property for sale in USA
Ref:US889 $52,000 20.17%

4. Property for sale in USA
Ref:US898 $44,000 19.14%

5. Property for sale in USA
Ref:US882 $47,900 18.5%

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Rents for American property are on the rise


More US homebuyers seeking property in cheaper locations


Employment in America returns to pre-recession levels

Ref: Price min($): Price max($):
Location: Show only Available Property:

Ref: US895
Selling Price: 55 000 USD
Price: £ 32 201 / 58 642 AUD
Return(%): 14.01
Area: Atlanta
Impressive ranch property for sale in Atlanta with excellent 14% returns!

Ref: US894
Selling Price: 46 500 USD
Price: £ 27 225 / 49 579 AUD
Return(%): 14.82
Area: Atlanta
Well presented brick home for sale in Atlanta with LOW taxes and high returns!

Ref: US873
Selling Price: 54 950 USD
Price: £ 32 172 / 58 588 AUD
Return(%): 11.32
Area: Atlanta
Modern 5 bedroom Atlanta home with excellent net return!

Ref: US871a
Selling Price: 78 000 USD
Price: £ 45 667 / 83 165 AUD
Return(%): 11.04
Area: Atlanta
Beautifully refurbished family home for sale near Atlanta! Located in quiet cul-de-sac and sold for $120,000 in 2005!

Ref: US865
Selling Price: 51 000 USD
Price: £ 29 859 / 54 377 AUD
Return(%): 14.69
Area: Atlanta
Well priced refurbished property in sunny Atlanta with returns of nearly 15%

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Where's the world's best value property for sale at the moment? It's Atlanta! View our Atlanta Foreclosed Homes!

About our Atlanta property for sale and Atlanta foreclosure properties.

Probably not the first that came to mind, but that's where the opportunity is right now. The collapse of the American housing market and huge subsidies by the government, mean some Atlanta houses for sale are just about being given away. No other city could afford to do this! We target the best areas for foreclosure.

Property4peanuts specialises in finding, checking and offering the best Atlanta property. Atlanta homes for sale are such massive bargains, they usually are sold quickly, so it's a good idea to register on the left of this page. That way, we can email you straightaway about our latest hot properties for sale in Atlanta.

Can't find Atlanta property you want? Property in Atlanta already sold?

No problem. Click on "Finders Service" to left and then you can be sure of getting one of these amazing Atlanta foreclosed homes before prices adjust to something more normal.

$40-$50, 000 for solid, detached, decent freehold properties for sale in Atlanta, paying good rent from day one.

And, remember, the prices here include refurbishment and lining up a tenant!

Now, that's what we call value for money!

Mainstream media is now picking up on the opportunity. Check out this video from ABC News, about Australians buying US bargains.

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Memphis and US property prices increase for 23 consecutive months


America now producing over 10% of the world’s oil


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What’s the most expensive place to live in the United States?


Chinese Development Company move forward with plans to renovate properties in Detroit


Montana taps into the Bakken shale boom


Big Chinese investment in Detroit property.


America poised to displace Saudi Arabia as the world's number one energy producer


US foreclosures fall 27%.


Icy conditions in the northern states a boon to Florida

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The future for rental return in American housing


Finding best returns in U.S.


Prices trends in key US property markets


The future for interest rates in the UK


England's rudest place names.


More people looking to rent than buy in Akron, Ohio


Rising house prices in Atlanta means fewer homeowners are underwater on mortgages


High wages in North Dakota doesn't prevent housing shortage


The importance of Generation Y to the U.S. property investor


Availability of credit in American real estate rising

Today's giveaway property

Ref: US901
Selling Price: 5 000 USD

Meyer Sees 'Upward Trend' in U.S. Housing Market

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Dallas now a hot spot for property investors


Texas seeing big population growth, here's ten reasons why


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Should I use an LLC to buy an American Rental Property?


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Lehigh Acres Real Estate market challenging Cape Coral and Fort Myers


Rents in Watford City area are soaring as demand continues to outpace supply


You better get used to the Bakken Boom, as it’s only just getting started


Canadian investors heading south to snap up discounted US investment property

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Latest news


UK Stock Exchange jumps 44% in the Big British Recovery


Want to rent in Williston? Then expect to pay New York prices


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The best areas for foreclosed American property


Tales of wealth, prosperity and opportunity in the Bakken


'13 is the lucky number for Toledo and 2014 set to see further price growth as market rebounds


Foreclosure activity down by 19% in Toledo


U.S. multifamily investment properties receive more interest from investment


American home owners worth increases by $2.2 trillion.


Canadians increase their investment in U.S. real estate

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